It's only the end if you want it to be.



finding out the heights of your internet friends is always the weirdest thing

reblog this with your height in the tags then we’ll all know



 day two -> a female character you see as ace 

☆ Diana of Themyscira 


Superboy during Convergence


where are the videos of the conservatives and rednecks losing it i feel like im missing out on some quality entertainment 


“marriage equality is legal in all of america” nice

“the fight is over” wait what





Infographic: Legally Married and Legally Fired, Center for American Progress


I’m continuously terrified that people will think LGBT rights is a finished fight as soon as marriage equality passes nationally. There’s still so much extremely important stuff to get to. Marriage is not an end goal.

Your phone battery percentage determines what year of the 1900s you’ll live in.


How screwed are you?

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1. any scars?
2. crush?
3. kissed anyone?
4. coke or pepsi?
5. someone you hate?
6. estfriend?
7. dream job!?
8. ever been in love?
9. last time you cried?
10. favorite color?
11. height?
12. birthday?
13. eye color?
14. hair color?
15. what do you love?
16. obsession?
17. if you had one wish, what would it be?
18. do you love someone?
19. kiss or hug?
20. nicknames people call you?
21. favorite song?
22. favorite band?
23. worst thing that ever happened to you?
24. best thing that ever happened to you?
25. something you would change about yourself?
26. ever dated someone?
27. worst mistake?
28. watch a movie or read a book?
29. ever had a heartbreak?
30. favorite tv show?
31. best day of your life?
32. special talents?
33. do you ever wish you could start over?
34. any bad habits?
35. ever had a near death experience?
36. someone I can tell everything to?
37. ever lost a loved one?
38. do you believe in love?
39. someone you miss?
40. am I okay?
41. someone I wanna hug right now?
42. any sister or brother?
43. lefty or righty?
44. favorite animal?
45. favorite place?
Gay Community: Bisexuals will never understand what it truly means to be oppressed!
Bisexuals: *are rejected from the straight community*
Bisexuals: *are rejected by the Lesbian and Gay community*
Bisexuals: *have their sexuality undermined every time they talk about it*
Bisexuals: *are told that their own definitions of their sexuality are wrong*
Bisexuals: *are accused of being cheaters or disloyal*
Bisexuals: *are accused of being inherently transphobic*
Bisexuals: *are told they aren't welcome at Pride if they are in "het" relationships*
Bisexuals: *are asked when they turned gay if they are in "gay" relationships*
Bisexuals: *literally have the same slurs thrown at them and experience the same hatred from straight people as gay people do*
Gay Community: Yep. All of that bisexual privilege.